World's Smallest all in one HP Printer

The world’s smallest all-in-one HP printer or world’s most useless printer

After reading the title you must have guessed that I am going to criticize this printer. So here we go. I bought this printer “World’s Smallest all in one HP Printer” – HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3775 All-in-One Printer from Flipkart. I thought it would be a good investment as printing is still a need despite all this technology.

At first printer looks good. I configured it to print on Wi-Fi & Mobile. All worked well until I tried scanning my driving license. Now driving licenses are made up of plastic. And printer expects everything to be flexible like paper it takes paper from one end and roll it out from other end. In the process the Plastic card couldn’t bend so it got stuck, with some pressure it went all the way. But the printout that came had 1cm of content stretched to 5cm.

Other All-in-One printers have a flat screen on which we can just put the card and scan. Now look at the list what can’t be scanned from this printer:

  1. IDs in the form of Plastic Cards
  2. Bundle of Papers(stapled)
  3. Book
  4. Laminated Documents
  5. Notebooks
  6. Small Booklets
  7. Except single flexible paper you can’t scan anything.

Now you must have got an idea about this printer and should you purchase it or not.

If already purchased:

Well if you have already purchased here is what I do whenever I have to take photocopy of any ID.

  1. Get an A4 size blank sheet.
  2. Put it on a plane surface and put your id above that.
  3. Go to google drive and click the PLUS button. You will get option to scan.
  4. Now scan the paper. It will give you a PDF.
  5. Simply print from this PDF.


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