Trekking Experience to Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake is one of the most beautiful Lake in Himachal Pradesh. The lake with a floating Island, Yes! you got it right. We 5 Friends trekked to Lake from Baggi Village. Trekking, Camping, Bonfire, Fun, Peace, Maggi, Landscapes are only words to define that trip.

How to Reach Prashar Lake

  1. Reach Mandi, Himachal Pradesh by 8 AM.
  2. There is a bus service from Mandi to Prashar Lake only 1 route. Bus start at 8:00 AM from Mandi Bus Stand to Prashar Lake.


You can get down at Baggi Village if you want to trek. Pack some food for trek at Baggi, there are 2-3 Dhabas. We packed just 2 sandwiches for each which couldn’t last half the trek. The trek is easy but need lots of climbing due to which more fuel for body is required. You can also take a guide from Baggi they charge hardly Rs. 500. In 4 hour 7 KM trek there were lots of Landscapes, Dense Forest, Open Green Fields.

Stay at Prashar Lake

There were tents available for Rs. 500/person. Temple offer accommodation at very low cost. Also there are 2-3 Dhaba inside the premises of the Lake they offer dormitory type stays and tents. There were some HP Govt. Rest Houses but their booking was a bit challenge as you have to go to their Mandi office and also the availability is limited.


Food is not a problem there as 2-3 Dhaba were there. They serve delicious vegetarian food.

Overall it was nice experience. Just don’t miss Sunset and Sunrise.


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