Heroku set-up on windows

Heroku is cloud web hosting provider, provides secure and cloud hosting for small facebook application. You can setup heroku for hosting your facebook applications.
Setting up heroku is very easy one can follow steps given here. However you may face difficulties to start using it. Below are some difficulties which I faced and resolved during installation of Heroku on Windows:Problem 1: Heroku Login Command was not working.
                   Error: /bin/env: ruby: No such file or directory

Solution 1: It was a silly mistake. I have GIT BASH already installed on my system so i was trying to run this command on it. Upon using Command Prompt(cmd.exe) it started working.

Problem 2: Public Key : Permission Denied
Solution 2: Public Key created was not uploaded automatically to the Heroku server. I did it manually.
To generate a public key: > ssh-keygen -t rsa
To add a key to Heroku: > heroku keys:add

Reference :http://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/keys

Problem 3: Unable to push my commits.(git push heroku master)
                   Error: Rails not detected.
I was uploading PHP project.
Solution 3: It was again a silly mistake. For pushing your commits your current directory must be the directory you cloned from server. I was running that command from parent directory. So upon changing to the cloned directory and after committing again, push started working.

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